• Participation at SAECCE Conference Shanghai 26-28 October

    NIRA Dynamics will participate at the SAECCE Conference in Shanghai, 26-28 October. We will be participating with two demo vehicles, demoing the NIRA Product Suite with four different products: TP...

  • We expand our cloud solution to create new possibilities for tomorrow's autonomous cars

    For an autonomous car to know what distance it must keep to the car in front of it, it needs information about the current road conditions. If the vehicle is also aware of the road surface quality, risks are reduced even further. NIRA Dynamics’ software Road Surface Information, and the cloud solution Cloud by NIRA, enable just that – and now, in cooperation with Infocar, the company is taking the next step in the rollout of the solution.

  • Summer internships at NIRA 2016

    During the summer 2016 NIRA have had 4 summer interns. A few weeks after the summer break is over and the studies have started we managed to get some words with Mattias, Lage, Erik and Jesper when they were visiting NIRA.


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