TPI - the most advanced indirect tire pressure monitoring system

• Indirect detection of pressure drops in 1, 2, 3 or 4 tires
• Determines tire inflation pressure using wheel speed signals
• Delivered as a software component

75% of flat tires are caused by under-inflation or slow leakage and tire problems are the third most common reason for passenger vehicle breakdowns. Fuel consumption increases 1.5% and the life span of a tire decreases 15% with every 0.2 bar the tire is under-inflated. Approximately 20% of all passenger cars have tires which are under-inflated by up to 40%. NIRA Dynamics has the solution to these problems: An indirect tire pressure monitoring system (iTPMS) called TPI.

TPI was introduced in Europe in the Audi TT during 2006 and in USA in the Audi A6 during 2008. TPI fulfills the FMVSS 138 and the ECE-R 64 requirements for TPMS.

With the Tire Pressure Indicator, TPI, the driver will be alerted if any of the tires is under-inflated long before the tire breaks down. This improves safety. It also improves economy and decreases the environmental impact since tire wear and fuel consumption are reduced when tires are correctly inflated. TPI is a software solution which determines the tire inflation pressure from the wheel speed signals and does not require any in-wheel pressure sensors and RF components. TPI is therefore very cost effective. Due to its AUTOSAR compliant interface, it also quick and easy to integrate into various systems running on different hardwares.

The performance of TPI is comparable to a direct sensor-based system, but at a significantly lower total cost.

TPI is capable of detecting pressure drops in one, two, three, or even up to all four tires. TPI can also point out (isolate) the under inflated tire(s). The system is very robust against surface changes, load variations and driving styles. Also, TPI automatically adjusts to different types of tires: summer tires, winter tires, studded winter tires, run-flat tires etc.

A smarter solution for tire pressure monitoring

  • Increased safety
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced tire wear

No in-wheel sensors needed!

  • Low cost
  • High performance
  • Fulfills FMVSS 138
  • Fulfills ECE-R 64

Equipped vehicles

In 2006, the Audi TT was the first vehicle in Europe that featured TPI as an option. In 2007, the Audi A4 and Audi A5 models followed. During 2008 TPI was introduced in the USA in the Audi A6. Currently TPI is installed in the following models

Audi SEAT Skoda VW Chery MG
TT Exeo Praktik Polo Arrizo 7 MG3
A1 Toledo Roomster Golf
A3 Alhambra Fabia EOS
A4/A5 Leon Rapid Jetta
A6/A7 Ibizia Octavia Sharan
A8 Superb Passat
Q3 Tiguan
Q5 Beetle
Q7 Sagitar
Various S/RS models Magotan